at last, benny's birth story

as a mom i have begun to understand more and more everyday that writing down our memories & taking a lot of pictures is very important. not that i will forget or take for granted any moment shared some important details get cloudy as they get distant! ..so before anything gets clouded from my delivery, i am way over due on sharing our family welcoming mr. benjamin carter into this world..

my due date was tuesday (9/3).
friday (9/7) is when i got uncomfortable and antsy. i was working hard to get this guy out. i went to my grandma's and walked laps in the pool. i bounced on a yoga ball. i ran up and down the stairs. pineapple juice, spicy foods, etc.

saturday (9/8) steve and i had plans to attend the opening of our friend, matt's, event center. we wanted to keep our minds busy and my body active. i rested in bed until late afternoon. did some "push this damn baby out" exercises and around 6pm i find myself cringing during what i though were braxton hicks. i call steve at work and he says to keep cool and he would be home soon. when he got home i turned to him and said "babe these are the real deal." and he replies "nah, we're partying tonight babe.. get dressed." um, what? i call maura, a very close friend of the family that works as a nurse in labor & delivery. she tells me to start timing contractions. sure enough they were increasingly getting closer and closer together. we gather our things and prepare ourselves to finally meet our babyboy.

oh, wait. how could i forget we had to get gas on the way. we stop at the gas station up the block. steve gets out to get me a big girl water and the gas tank won't open, i repeat the gas tank won't open. we shut the car off, still no go. we turn the car on, open the doors, close the doors, lock, unlock.. i'm going to have my baby at the gas station, awesome.

thank god steve's friend, ed, happen to drive into the gas station as all of this is happening. now the car won't star. they try to jump it with ed's truck. nope, so i click it into neutral and my pregnant, contracting belly steers while steve and ed push the car into a parking spot. ed brings us back home and now it's pouring rain and we have to move the carseat and all of our bags into another car.

finally driving. we check into the hospital around 10:15pm, they check me down there. 1cm. that's it?! my contractions are starting to spread out more but they still aren't painless. my biggest fear was not being able to sleep and then my water breaking and not having the energy to push. maura advises i stay the night. they gave me a low dose of pain medication and i slept from about 12am-8am. still in pain. still cranky. back in the car. back to our house.

"no baby yet! we should've partied last night!" at least he can make me laugh.

coming tomorrow.

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