benny's birth story. part II

if you haven't, read part I first.

sunday (9/9) we arrive back at home from spending the night in the hospital. i'm happy that i got to sleep but not happy that the contraction pain is getting almost unbearable. i took well over 10 showers throughout the day. long, hot showers. i waited until my fingers shriveled, got out, walked around a bit, laid down in bed, and when it got to be too much steve started up the shower again! i had a doctor visit the next day. since i had only been 1cm at the hospital i wanted to push through and make it to the morning. i didn't sleep for more than a few hours total that whole day and/or night. steve helped me out of bed monday morning (9/10) and we got dressed to go to see dr. halpert with crossed fingers that i am dilating more then i was the day before.

noooo. dr. halpert says he's ready to come out. he's made his way down.. but i am no further then 1-2cm. "if nothing happens, i will see you thursday to induce you" thursday?!?! but.. it's monday. i can and will not go through this for 3 more whole days.

cranky, justine back in the car. back home.

around 5pm things started to get pretty bad again. i jumped in the hot shower for the millionth time and tried my best to just relax. i laid in bed and started timing contractions again and this time they were even closer then they were saturday night. maura had work at 7pm so i wanted to wait until she was on her way to bother her with a phone call, again. so i sit impatiently staring at the clock. i think i dozed off for a little bit cause when i woke up it was almost 8pm. i called maura, told her they were close again and i was making my way over there. steve and i showered and took our time.. got in the car and headed to the hospital.

i check in again around 10pm. they hooked me up to all the fun stuff and check me out. 2cm. awesome. maura knows me very well. she knew this was it, that i was in pain, that we needed to hurry up the process a little.

she calls dr. halpert. he's on his way home from the office so he stops in to check me out. thank goodness he decides to break my water to speed things up.

water breaks. epidural in. phone calls are made. it's happening.
mom comes in. my best friend comes in. sisters. brother. steve's parents. friends. gangs all here.
not even 2 hours later i'm 10cm. legs up, ready to push. let's goooooo!

steve held me on one side. maura held my other side. i did my thang and faster then i knew it dr. halpert walks in and says "i see his head". pulls him out a little over his shoulders and tells steve to put gloves on cause he's gonna do the rest.

tuesday, september 11th, 2012 at 2:59 am. i pick my head up and look down and steve, the man i love is delivering our baby. that we made. together. and my family is here in one room and just like that we are instantly smitten. & in love.

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