hello 3 month old

so i've been out & about lately anddddd my laptop is crapping out so unfortunately i haven't been able to write but i have so much to share! first the most important news..

today is benny's 3month birthday! he's getting so big, it's crazy. getting bigger means more smiles, more cooing, bigger & more beautiful eyes, and bigger clothes with size 2 diapers underneath! yes people, i said size 2 :) okay i know he's still a peanut but to me he's a big boy. i love his gammy's.. if you are wondering what that is, it's his thigh chub and boy oh boy if it wasn't illegal i'd put some seasoning on there and eat the whole darn thing. me & his daddy love being parents more today then we did yesterday and tomorrow we will love it more then today.

second ..he is sleeping 9 hours at night. i managed to get that to happen within 3 days! 3 days of hard work and surprisingly very little crying and he knows when to eat, play, nap and SLEEP at night. i didn't let him scream, and i definitely did not force anything.. just a little organization during the day and the night time shift comes easy! thank you to the book "on becoming baby wise" and my dad's friends that suggested it to me and a few tips from our baby's doctor.

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