kale chips

this is the 5th time i made these. i've followed advice from 8 different people and seriously tried 5 different ways. everyone who has tried to tell me how to make them (with using a dehydrator) has told me to not bake the stems or to take as much of the stem off because they will never crisp up. LIES. i was picking off little piece and they were just not getting to how i wanted them. so here we are.. cajun kale chips.. and my goodness were they awesome!

what you'll need for a bowl of kale chips:
a large bunch of organic kale
1 medium size lemon
vegan butter
vegan parmesan cheese
seasoning (i used perfect punch cajun by mccormick)

1. pre heat oven to 200F
2. pull off the large thick parts of the kale stems (i pulled off the rest to use for another dinner instead of just throwing it out) wash them and pat dry with a paper towel to dry all the way through!
3. in one small bowl mix a few tablespoons (depends on how many kale pieces you have) of vegan butter and the juice of half of the lemon
4. in another small bowl mix the seasoning and vegan parmesan cheese
5. when the kale is fully dry lay them out on parchment paper on a cooking sheet
6. drizzle the butter/lemon juice mixture on top of the ruffled sides
* try not to just pour it in the middle. i made this mistake on a few and they stayed a little too soggy
7. sprinkle seasoning/parmesan mixture on top ..i put a lot because my hubby likes the cajun kick but it's up to you
8. place cooking sheet in the oven for at least 40 minutes before you check on them. they may still need anywhere from 10-20 minutes more. they are ready when they are crisp and a little bit brown.

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  1. Found you from your ad on Short Girl, Long Island.
    I LOVE kale chips, but have had the same journey in finding a really great recipe. Can't wait to try this one :)