baby-led weaning

we did it. we got through our first month. already he has made a drastic improvement in what he's eating and how much he's actually taking in.

what is it? it's pretty much a more complicated way of saying that you will be giving them the opportunity to eat what you are eating, no pureed food, learning fine motor skills and picking up their own food/spoon to feed them self at their own pace.

if you are new to baby-led weaning or have never heard of it before, here's where i learned more..

our take on baby led weaning by younghouselove
let's talk about weaning by sassymama
a real food approach to feeding your baby by nourishedkitchen

and by far the best resources would be the actual books
baby-led weaning: the essential guide to introducing solid foods
you can buy that HERE on amazon and
the baby-led weaning cookbook: 130 recipes that will help your baby learn to eat solid foods
you can buy that HERE on amazon

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