happy belated 4th to all of you, here was us across the street from our house looking for fireworks last night.

so about this whole blogging thing.. clearly i have been inconsistent which was pretty much a given when b started crawling. i feel like all day long i'm chasing around a happy, squealing mouse and i am perfectly okay with that. there is a lot i would like to say here and document but i'm having trouble finding the time but when the opportunity pops up.. i take it ;)

i did start school last week, online courses. i am on my way to being a plant-based/holistic nutritionist and after this hopefully a certified health instructor, lactation consultant, registered dietician and even as far as an RN. time is all i need and do i have enough of it! i do about an hour each night that hubby is at work and on his days off i try to at least get a solid 4 hours a day.

back to b man.. so as i said he's crawling around everywhere.. he's been pulling himself up and walking holding onto furniture for about a month now. i can't wait for his wobbly little legs to run him around! he has let go and just stood there but got a little shaky and grabbed back onto the couch.

he's so wonderful. i mean, i'm sure everyone says this about their children but he's like the coolest thing ever. he's cool at home; he sleeps good, he's never fussy, he loves food, he's always smiling and pointing and listening and chatting. he's cool not at home; in the mall, in the grocery store, at the beach, by the pool.. he loves attention, he loves to flirt, he loves to sing and dance.

things i'd like to remember about the last few months would definitely have to be his open mouthed, wet and slobbery kisses, him blowing kisses [omgggggg] is the cutest thing ever, when he waves bye-bye, when i say awww da babaayyy and he lays his head on my chest and giggles, his laugh, his interest in the trees / birds outside, he says oooooohhhh and puckers his lips. he imitates a lot and it's sweet. he says mama, dada, papa, spongebob, what's dat?, who's dat? dattttttt?, budah, birdie. he's very intelligent. he LOVES the pool, with his dad mostly bc daddy plays better in the pool then mommy.

clearly this is an awesome age. every age has it's perks and every age gets better and better.

this mommy is on cloud 9.

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