websites & books that have been extremely helpful

and i mean EXTREMELY.. i'm the type of mom that reads about every little thing ..i know that taking things from the internet is not the best thing ever but that's why i started with books and blogs.. reading you mommy bloggers out there has honestly helped me through quite the challenges in jus the last 4 months!

01. babyzone
02. breastfeeding: getting started @ babycenter
03. la leche league**
04. bonbon mini
05. breastfeeding basics

exclusivley pumping:
01. pumping rules
02. exclusively pumping

everything else sites!:
01. kellymom
02. the bump
03. babycenter
04. john & sherry petersik
05. bonbon mini
06. the art of making a baby

buy this book >> here on amazon

buy this book >> here on amazon

buy this book >> here on amazon

they're in no specific order! and this will constantly be updated as i come across new things as a mom. stay tuned and check up into where it says topics and click on "helpful websites & books"

hope this helps as much as it helped me!!

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