teething really bites the big one!

if you follow me on instagram you will see picture overloads but now that he is 4 and a half months, well, we've got lots of new tricks that he's accomplished.

sitting up on his own and standing up on his own all happened in the same week, week 15. he even somewhat crawls in his bed when i lay him down and watch him on the monitor. he gets in ready position when he's on the floor doing tummy time but doesn't actually go anywhere.

our newest thing is baby teef! his first little tooth arrived just 2 days ago. the 48 hours before his tooth cut through was not too fun! he didn't sleep well and he had a slight fever and a few other cold symptoms. i actually thought he had an ear infection. butttttt i let him teethe on my knuckle a lot so at some point i put my knuckle in his mouth to massage his gums and wah-lah, i felt a tooth! and he was back to normal that night. thank goodness! i felt horrible. i hope that every tooth isn't that painful for him.

baby teef problems.


  1. eeew baby teeth. teething babies- so hard. Such sadness and pain! I don't look forward to this stage with my baby on the way!

    Beautiful blog you're keeping

    xo em

    1. thanks girl, it's hard to watch lol i hate seeing my little peanut in pain like that! and i'm gonna head over to your blog now, thanks for stopping by mine!