goodbbye twenty one

so yesterday was my birthday. i turned 22 and i can honestly say i don't even remember turning 21. this past year has gone by so fast. steve and benjamin gave me a wonderful relaxing day and then took me to dinner at night!

anyway, starting today i have made a vow to myself that everyday i am going to work a little harder at turning my world around into a 90% organic lifestyle. everyday i'd like to replace one processed food that i eat often with a raw, organic food. everyday i would like to try and replace a household item whether it be cleaners, or soap, or lotions, or whatever it is find either a home made alternative or organic version that i can buy. of course that journey will be recorded here. so here was my first small change today.

i was drinking those special k protein shakes once a day not realizing that they have milk in them. yes, they are quick for a grab and go but that is not what i'm looking for anymore. i'm a stay at home mom and there is no reason for me to really rush anywhere to do anything or see anyone. that's the beauty of it. i have a lot of mommy/baby time and even a good amount of just mommy time. i've done quite the research and found that there are in fact quick and easy and even inexpensive ways to do things organic. today i made myself a GFV, 100% organic protein smoothie. peanut butter, almond milk, strawberries, peaches, and organic protein powder. i have to say between making it, cleaning up and drinking it.. it took me all of 15 minutes.. not to mention it was deeeeelicious. i don't know many different kinds of smoothies to make so i will be doing some pintresting for some recipes. if any of you have any great sites or input on some yummy smoothies feel free to give some feedback.

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