breastmilk pops, the new best thing

my poor baby is teething so much in the last few days. my knuckle and comfort feeding and teething toys are just not doing it anymore. hopefully they actually come through soon but i am fully aware that it can take a few months to do that. so with that being said, i'm preparing ways to help sooth him and this was a quick thought up one.. sorry if it has been done before! i haven't seen it done and steve and i kind of just came across it together.

all you need is one of those ice cube trays that are long & skinny shaped for water bottles which you can get pretty much anywhere.. target, drugstores, grocery stores, etc.

and the second thing you need is the fresh food feeders with the mesh top (we recieved the munchkin brand at my babyshower so we just used that brand).
and of course you need some breastmilk! freeze it in the trays and break it up. stuff it in the little mesh feeders and you have an extremely happy child ..and messy :) but deffffffinitely cute

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