music from my speakers

as time goes on i become more and more open to listening to new things. i now enjoy a very wide variety of genres, songs, and artists. when they say music heals the soul, it totally makes sense. it conquers all.. it calms me down, it makes me happy, makes me sad, makes me love, and hey.. it even keeps my newborn occupied! i'm going to start posting songs here and there that i enjoy and i hope that you enjoy them as well :)
music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. – confucius

p.s if you haven't seen this movie yet, watch it!!! it was such an amazing love story.. i'm such a hopeless romantic

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  1. New follower here, and hello! I was so drawn to your header, made my day.

    You have a lovely life, it seems! I'll be back ;)

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