first month must haves!

so today my little peanut is a month old.. already time is flying by!! newborns of course need a lot of love and attention which i have no problem providing day in and day out but there's a few extra things that definitely makes everything all the much easier. my top ten favorites extras to survival:

1. by your side sleeper by summer infant - well, let me put it this way, the nursery isn't fully done yet and i'm too much of a worrier when he sleeps to leave him alone in his own room just yet. this thing fits perfectly in bed without being too bulky. plus, the dogs tend to jump on the bed and when he's in there they avoid it where as if he was just laying on the bed itself they might not see him!
2. sleep positioner by summer infant - we put this little positioner inside the co sleeper and i get good sleep knowing that he's safe and secure and it's some extra padding too.
3. soothe & glow seahorse by fisher price - i seriously bring this thing EVERYWHERE. every room in the house, every doctor appointment, every time we visit family.. as soon as he gets fussy in his carseat or when it's time for mommy and daddy to catch up on some sleep we squeeze this little guys belly and wahlahh some good put me to sleep baby tunes.
4. munchkin wipe warmer - my mom swears by this and now i understand why.. i've changed his diaper once without using the warm wipes and he absolutely hated me ..i even got the travel wipe warmer for when we need to do a diaper change on the go.. it's a little bulky but it's so worth not having a screaming baby with a cold hiney
5. aden + anais' swaddle blankets - if you have yet to try swaddling, what the heck are you waiting for? at first i thought the baby looked trapped and uncomfortable but as soon as i tried it once and seen how quickly he falls asleep and how warm it keeps him well, this kid stays being swaddled. he loves it and the blanket can be doubled as a burp cloth!
6. lanolin by medela - this stuff speaks for itself if you are breastfeeding or even exclusively pumping.. saves the nipples instantly!!!
7. single electric by medela - this is for the stay at home mamas who mostly breastfeed. it has been a life savor for the times that i'm extremely sore and also it's always good to stock up on some milk for those nights you wanna get out of the house for a few hours and leave the babe with grandpa & grandma ; )
8. munchkin travel bottle warmer - when i say this thing is amazing, i reallllllyyy mean it. plug it into your car and the bottle warms up just as fast as it would at home.
9. avent soothie 0-3 months - well we all have these, don't we? to be honest i really don't want to over use the bink, as we call it, but it calms him down pretty quickly and then he spits it right out anyway with a smile on his face!
10. quick micro-steam bags by medela - they really make sterilizing a very quick and easy process! you put a little bit of water at the bottom, throw a bunch of stuff in the bag, and throw it in the microwave and it's done.


  1. I really want that by your side sleeper but I don't think that'll work with my and my husband in a queen size bed :(

  2. we have a queen size bed also.. sometimes if my boyfriend really wants to stretch out, he will sleep on the couch lol but for the most part we put it down to the middle of the bed and form comfortably around it !!