this is the dreaded, still no baby born yet post.

so still no baby! i'm 3 days over due & trying my very hardest to stay patient and let him come when he wants to. i saw my doctor yesterday - he has me coming back on monday and said if i don't further dilate then that he will induce me thursday night (the 13th) to have the baby on friday (the 14th). yes i'm tired but i honestly never in my life time expected to feel this good.. maybe i've seen too many movies? i take a nap or two a day without feeling guilty, i'm eating just about the same.. nothing more/nothing less, hardly any back pains, still no stretch marks, even my weight has kept steady (still only +22 from my pre pregnancy weight). i'd say the only negatives is the trouble i have getting comfortable.. once i'm comfortable i'm able to sleep but actually finding that position is like impossible! so anyway i guess what i'm trying to say is i thought i'd be completely miserable by now.. i'm very anxious to meet my little peanut but i've gotten these weird spurts of energy ..mostly late at night.. so steve & i have been getting out and taking advantage. last night was the grand opening to a place in patchogue that steve's best friend built & owns. it's called 'the emporium'.. it's an event center - concert hall, restaurant, bowling lanes, 3 bars.. it's huge! we had a great time but i am pooped so today i'm going to kick my feet up and start working on the new blog name & few things i want to change : ) hopefully in the next few days i'll have a babystory to share with all of you and most importantly pictures, pictures and moreee pictures. talk soon!