sneaky peak

here's a sneak peak to my new title! it's just the button and i haven't decided yet on when i want to switch over : ) but i hope you love ittttttt..

why that name? well i wanted to keep with the peter pan theme bc clearly i'm a huge fan (weareinneverland.blogspot.com) i'm obsessed with pirates and mermaids & my boyfriend is also so i thought the name was just right! pirates are meant to represent my boyfriend and our son and even otis and the mermaids is us girls, meaning me & nala.. yes, i included both of my dogs in thought of this title lol i'm so excited for the new colors and background.. am i a weirdo?

p.s still no baby, ehkkkkkk!!!!!!!!


  1. I like the name.. and the font is adorable!!

    I'm your newest follower :) I can't wait to see the baby.. I"m a little baby hungry right now so i love seeing all the new babes!

    Followme@ www.studentswife.com

  2. thanks love! can't wait to show off the rest of it!!!!

  3. Just found your cute blog! I love the new name and the button! Come follow along http://sjdmiller.blogspot.com