is it happening?

hello loves! happy september : ) so my due date is on monday (the 3rd) and i've been saying that he's gonna come this weekend lol!!! what am i doing??? well i've been drinking pineapple juice, dipping cooler ranch dorittos in hot salsa and running up and down the stairs.. jumping jax in between, haha. i have so much energy it's the weirdest thing in the world.. last night i actually went to my boyfriend's friend's house at 1am and hung out with them.. around 4am i'm pretty sure contractions started.. i usually have a good pain tolerance but it was stronger then usual pains.. they just aren't lasting long enough and/or close enough together. i only slept about an hour last night and planned to rest today (and blog) but instead i'm going for the gold and i'm gonna go stay active so i can get this little guy out of me ..with that being said - what did you ladies do during your last month of pregnancy to naturally induce labor? i'd love to hear some funny stories.

p.s i've came about what i want to name my blog after "the bump & bean" expires! it will most likely change within the next week, so if some of the blog looks maybe unfinished, well you'll just have to stay tuned to see how cute the outcome will be ; )


  1. You know what's funny? Your due date is on Labor Day. Would be ironic if you went into labor then. :p

    Good luck! Hope all goes well!