my bump needed closure

i need to give this whole bump thing some closure because i just know i'm gonna miss it. i did my last but not least photoshoot of my belly and thanks to the lovely keri-ann they came out absolutely gorgeous and i am so pleased with them! this whole baby bump thing has been such a roller coaster as expected!!! i've hated it and loved it at the same time but like i said i know every bone in my body is going to miss being pregnant. i mean don't get me wrong, the heart burn suckkkkked & the having to literally roll out of bed to pee at night suckkedddd but feeling him grow and move and learning every week on each tiny development stages he went through was just the most amazing feeling. like i've said before i've been so completely blessed with my pregnancy and that includes my mood swings, the amount of weight i gained, the fact that i only puked once, and i hardly even had back pains at all!!!! i'm just so ready to be a mom and so ready to meet my son and i have never been so anxious for anything in my entire life. this pregnancy has made me realize so many wonderful things and has made me grow in such a way i can't explain and it has even brought some people back into my life that most definitely were missing puzzle pieces to my happiness. so here i am fat and focused, "1-2 fingers dilated" as the doctor said preparing for my water to break or contractions to arise staring at my belly getting ready to part with the bump and gain the most precious thing a girl can ask for.. my very first child!!! okay now that i'm crying, happy tears of course. here are the wonderful pictures : )

day one, click to enlarge!

day two, click to enlarge!


  1. Found your blog from Dearest Lou. I'm a new follower.
    I love the bump photos. Looking forward to more posts.


  2. Gorgeous! I don't know how your belly is so smooth but I'm super jealous. Mine looked like a freaking tiger mauled the crap outta me with all the stretch marks I have.

  3. thanks ladies, and for the smooth belly I really just used cocoa butter like an over the top amount lol !!!! like to the point where my boyfriend was like okay that's enough : )

  4. Beautiful pictures! What gorgeous shots!

  5. Such a cute bump!
    xo sandra