favorite pregnancy snackssssss

i am 36 and a half weeks today!! it went by pretty damn fast and i know since i had such an amazing pregnancy that i'm gonna miss some parts of it.. the biggest part is not feeling guilty after my late night, mid afternoon, & early morning snacks lol. i am so happy i've only gained in belly and where it counts a.k.a boobies and booty bc i sure as shit ate like i weighed triple what i am. anyway getting back to food!!!! it's sort of late and my brain hurts so the least thoughtful post would be my top favorite cravings & snacks while pregnant..

#1. pancakes #2. nachos - extra queso cheese & double extra guacamole #3. snickers ice cream bar #4. chocolate chip cookies - fresh out the oven! #5. perogees {am i spelling this right?} #6. pasta alfredo with broccoli #7. watermelon #8. french toast #9. pistachios #10. potato gnocchi #11. stuffed artichokes #12. avocado #13. unsweetened iced tea #14. chocolate covered strawberries #15. slurpee from sev11 #16. vegetable cream cheese - on a bagel or salt & vinegar chips dipped #17. stuffed shells #18. mac and cheese #19. hershey almond bar #20. and the biggest life savor of everything! ice cubes!!!!!!!

i'd love some feedback.. what do you or did you crave during pregnancy!!!!!


  1. Hahaha! I absolutely love your drool worthy food post. I am over here al kinds of just about 39 weeks pregnant and drooling all over my new MacBook from all your descriptions of your delicious snacks. Mmmmm

  2. hahah I bet ..I been sending out my boyfriend to pick up little things here and there.. we've got to take advantage on our last few weeks haha : )