life via instagram v.2


  1. i came across your blog and i'm definitely excited to read!! by the looks of these pics i can say that i love your style. my question is what are your favorite go-to stores? where do you usually shop? congrats on the baby!! good luck to you!

  2. thanks girl I appreciate the lovely compliments !! I never thought of myself as having a specific style ..I'm kind of all over the place which answers your question about having a specific go-to store lol I don't really have one.. if I were to pick some most common though I'd have to say if I'm in the actual mall - forever21, cotton on, h&m and for online shopping I made a list of a few places I love to browse and shop from if you look on the right side of my blog where all the links are it says favorite reads.. just scroll down and there's most of them on there :) hope this helps !! thanks for visiting

    xx justine