so i'm way over due for a post and i'm kind of disappointed in myself that i haven't been consistent.. life lately has been busy planning and building an apartment and readying and filled with complete exhaustion.. tomorrow marks me at 34 weeks pregnant so as you pregnant, lovely ladies know it is not peaches and rainbows! as of last month we've transformed a 2 car garage and a small piece of steve's parent's house into an absolutely beautiful apartment. the living room, master bedroom, and nursery are finished but not so decorated :( the kitchen is just starting to be built this week. the doctor moved my due date closer (so technically tomorrow will mark me at 35 weeks) but i try not to think about him coming earlier considering all the more work that has to be done.

feelings about the third trimester -
i have to say i honestly expected to be very moody and whiny and bitchy and blablabla but as per my mommy and steve's parents i've dealt with it all pretty well. now of course i'm about a month away give or take a few days and with my tiny body frame and such a quickly growing baby boy in there, i am well pretty damn uncomfortable.. i can literally feel him deep down at the bottom of my uterus and all the way up to the center of my ribs. my breathing is getting worse and worse (i already have asthma.. nerd) and this heartburn is like the worst shit in the world.. but back to the fun stuff, i can not wait to meet my little bundle of joy! and i am soso surprised how quickly time went by! it almost makes me sad at the same time : ( i'm gonna miss having him all to myself and this kicking in my tummy!!!!!

laters for now babies.


  1. I came across your blog thru a instagram I follow and I'm glad I did! I'm a 22yr old expectant mom of a boy too! But I'm not due til nov so unfortunately I'm not lucky like you where you get to meet your baby boy sooner lol. I just started blogging and I'm glad to find your blog to read because i like to see what different expectant moms not only went thru during pregnancy but what they go thru during the transition :). I look forward to reading your posts! Especially once your baby boy gets here, good luck and congrats!!!


  2. thank you so much, I appreciate all of it !! I'll be looking up onto your blog as well.. good luck with everything ; )