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this weeks favorites is for ASOS (maternity). i went to the website earlier today because next month, i have a wedding to attend and then a few weeks after is going to be my baby shower! with that being said.. good old new york and its hot and humid months of july and august - i do want to be able to still look cute but be comfortable with my over the top, huge belly. it would be nice if i can simply buy one dress for both days but some of the people at the wedding will be at the baby shower so i have no choice but to buy two.. oh well ; ) here are some of my favorite picked dresses and a few other things i added.

other great places to find reasonably priced maternity clothes >>
01. Love21
03. Gap & Old Navy

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  1. To participate a formal party you always need a good dress. For me, I love wearing a short green dress. It makes me look sexy and it's comfortable.