at lastttttttt

so i'm finally finished with my whole layout and i'm super excited to finally start blogging!! today was a really big day for me anyway and i thought it was a great way to begin. today i found out that the little peanut growing in my belly for twenty weeks now is a boy. i am so excited to not only start shopping but to finally declare this baby as my son. ahhhh, it sounds absolutely amazing... i can honestly say it a million times and still get teary eyed at just the thought. i know i still have half of my pregnancy left but i want him now! i can't wait to hold him and to touch his little fingers and toes.

nothing is really new around here other then that exciting news.. but i did want to mention that even if we have yet to meet, i appreciate any feedback from you amazing bloggers out there even if it is just as simple as a link not working on my page!!

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